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Most exciting applications of

technology to the life sciences

About The Simulation Society

One of the most exciting applications of technology to the life sciences is the use of simulations, computer based solution to recreate experiences and processes.

Simulation is the imitation of the operation of a real-world process or system over time. The act of simulating something first requires that a model be developed; this model represents the key characteristics or behaviors/functions of the selected physical or abstract system or process. The model represents the system itself, whereas the simulation represents the operation of the system over time.

Simulation in Anesthesia is a field that has revolutionized the teaching outlook. The uncommon grave situations are no more unseen. The role of simulation in testing a new device for its likely success in clinical world can be foreseen. Mastering a difficult skill no longer subjects a patient to danger. These advanced methods not only see how clinicians respond to environment, but also how the clinical environment reacts to him. The need of the hour is to see how technology will help us become technically sound clinicians for tomorrow.

We are delighted to inform you about the formation of “The Simulation Society” with support from leading International and National experts from all over the world. The objectives of the society would be:

  1. To develop a network and encourage scientific cooperation amongst the Association's members, senior and junior faculties, medical students, scientists etc for enhanced academic teaching and learning.

  2. To promote scientific exchange and research collaboration between different medical societies, countries, hospitals etc in all fields of simulation i.e. for ECMO, Paediatrics, Trauma and Critical Care, TEE, Pulmonologist, Haemodynamic monitoring etc.

“The Simulation Society” was formally launchedon August 31, 2014 “with the name of “World Simulation Society” at Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi by Dr.Harshvardhan, hon'bleHealth Minister, Government of India.

May we kindly invite you to join us to grace the 2nd annual conference of “The Simulation Society”on 17th January 2016and also seek your registration for the conference by participating in the Simulation workshops to take advantage of this unique Initiative.The theme for this year annual conference is “Echocardiography in Intensive Care Unit”.

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